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Over the years, you’ve likely updated various protocols and systems as technology has evolved—but has your Houston business done the same for your phone system?

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Why Use VoIP Phone Services?

Over the years, you’ve likely updated various protocols and systems as technology has evolved—but have you done the same for your phone system? An outdated phone system could be costing your Texas business more than necessary—in bills for service, office inefficiency, and undue frustration. Simple IT Solutions VoIP phone services in Houston offer next-level solutions that provide support for your customers and employees. No more dropped or out-of-range calls, unintelligible voicemails, or unreliable phone lines.

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What Is VoIP?

VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, allows you to make and receive phone calls using the internet. All you need for VoIP service is:

You can still use the same telephone system if you prefer—you’ll just need an adapter for VoIP.

Benefits of VoIP—
Why Make the Switch?

Our VoIP phone services:

  • Provide better call quality. No more “can you hear me now?” VoIP service lets your Houston business focus on its customers and quality call content instead of worrying about call clarity.
  • Cost less than traditional phone services. Utilizing the internet for all your phone calls means you’ll pay less than your current rate with the traditional landline service provider you currently have. Simple IT Solutions offers predictable monthly charges, lower fees, and a strong system managed 24/7 by VoIP and IT experts.
  • Offer scalability. You need your phone system to be reliable—there when you need it. With VoIP phone services from Simple IT Solutions, you can increase sales, scale into new target areas, and even attract new customers—all thanks to reliable phone service.
  • Flex with your team. Adding new hires? Are current employees moving or changing offices? With VoIP, employees aren’t tied to a specific in-house phone. The ability to work from anywhere can boost your team’s efficiency, productivity, and overall growth.
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Why Your Houston Business Need Managed VoIP Services

A dedicated VoIP managed services provider understands your company’s distinctive IT structure, which can help you:

When you partner with Houston-based Simple IT Solutions for your VoIP services, you get IT support from knowledgeable Texas IT professionals for everything from initial installation to training your employees, customizing call menus, and porting your existing phone numbers.

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Unify Your Communications With Simple IT Solutions

It’s difficult making decisions that affect your business in the long term. Successful unified communications can grow and change with you through all the changes businesses face today. 

Our advanced features help your Texas organization scale the hurdle of communication barriers. Reach out today to see how Simple IT Solutions can build the perfect environment for collaboration.

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