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Protect your Texas business’s valuable assets with top-of-the-line video surveillance services and security systems from Simple IT Solutions.

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What is a Video Surveillance Security System?

Video surveillance security systems are a way to monitor an area for safety, usually in commercial or residential areas. They can be used to record images which may help identify perpetrators of crimes and provide evidence if there is a crime.

Video surveillance can also be used to monitor employees, detect theft or vandalism, and deter would-be criminals from committing the crimes in the first place.

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Video System Setup, Monitoring & Maintenance

Simple Systems partners with industry-leading suppliers Alibi Security and LTS to put the best video surveillance systems in your hands. We make your experience as simple as possible by coming to your Houston location to install and set up your surveillance system, then training you on how to work it. We also provide continual monitoring and system maintenance.

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CCTV Video Surveillance Services

Open-circuit TV is a video surveillance system where cameras are placed in an open area, while closed-circuit television (CCTV) is used in a closed-off area, usually a room to protect the cameras and areas around the camera.

Simple IT Solutions works with closed-circuit television (CCTV) video surveillance systems to protect business buildings in Houston.

Some of the typical features of CCTV video surveillance systems include:

Benefits of Video Surveillance for Houston Businesses 

Video surveillance is a great way for Houston businesses to ensure the safety of their employees and assets. Our security systems provide 24-hour monitoring, which means that anytime something happens at any time during the day or night, you will know and be able to respond accordingly.

Maintaining a video surveillance system can also save you money in the long run. By knowing what is happening in and around your business at all times, you will be able to identify suspicious behavior and potential issues before they become big problems.

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Advantages of a Video Serveillance System

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Simple IT Solutions Supplies the Latest in Equipment For Your Video Surveillance Needs

Overall, video surveillance is necessary for Houston businesses that store valuable equipment or products, face the risk of intellectual theft, or otherwise could be targeted for theft or break-ins. Even for businesses not facing these specific risks, our video surveillance services can provide you peace of mind for the future.

We provide you with the very best video surveillance security systems from leading suppliers, along with the Simple IT expertise and customer service that makes your experience a breeze.

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