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Simple IT is your trusted local provider of structured cabling services in Houston, Texas. We set up your network wiring in a way that is optimized and scalable as your business grows.

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What is Network Cabling?


The world works through cables. Our internet activities, show streams, and cable television are all forms of media consumed through network cabling. They are a set of wires, either copper or fiber optic, that allows the transport of information into connected equipment, both of which are offered by Simple IT Solutions.

According to Network Encyclopedia, network cabling is the transport of information “from one network device to another.” Local area networks, commonly known as LANs, and wide area networks (WANs) require multiple interconnected cables to function.

Without cabling, there would be no telecommunications services. Modern society is upheld in part through the efficient delivery of cabling services that provide both internet and telephone services 24/7.

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Why Choose Our Network Cabling Services?

Network cabling services have become an essential part of IT. Everyone needs the internet and other essential telecommunication processes to fulfill daily tasks and jobs. At Simple IT Solutions, we provide services that never compromise these fundamentals. With over 40 years of experience in Houston, we’ll ensure you receive the right cabling option for your needs.

It’s important to understand the differences between the quicker but more expensive fiber-optic cables versus the cheaper and often more reliable copper cabling.
Copper is a more affordable option, however, the strength decreases over long distances.
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